Welcome to the Research Journal of Ne-Do-Ba

I will be exploring a number of potential Wabanaki (Native American) families found in Northeastern North America. I would like to share this journey with you.

Wlipunkini – Travel Well

Canyon Wolf and Ne-Do-Ba are retiring in the year 2022. I will probably continue to research and write.

The majority of our assets have already been transferred to the Androscoggin Historical Society. Our main website has recently been taken down from the web and our e-mail address is no longer in service.

You will find many pages of our website archived in the wayback machine. I am also slowly transferring important content to a new home here at permanent.org  https://www.permanent.org/p/archive/05u9-0000

All content Copyright © 2011-2021 Ne-Do-Ba

Future content Copyright © 2022 Nancy Lecompte

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