Comment Policy

Comment Policy

  • I reserve the right to edit, delete or otherwise exercise my editorial discretion over comments left on my blog.
  •  I am not responsible, legally or otherwise, for comments left on my blog.
  •  I ask that comments be limited to the general topics of genealogy and historical research, or to specific blog entry topics, questions, and comments.
  •  I would appreciate seeing sources mentioned whenever making statements of fact.
  •  I don’t mind links in comments as long they are relevant to the topic. Spam links will be removed.
  •  I encourage honest debate and differing opinions, just be respectful. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  •  Do not be concerned about “political correctness” in your comments. It is far more important to be concerned about historical correctness! If you need to use a word that might be considered politically incorrect, that is fine as long as it is used in an appropriate historical context.
  •  Language should be PG13 friendly.
  •  I will remove without warning any comments violating my policy and I will ban their creators from blog participation.
  •  I will edit or remove comments making false claims. This is to prevent the blog from being used by certain groups of people trying to promote their own agenda by spreading unsubstantiated historical or genealogical information – an activity that is unfortunately running rampant in the Northeast at this time.
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