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  1. Diane

    I am looking for an article about the Native perspective of the Cochecho massacre in Dover, NH in 1689. I read an article by Jean M. Roberts which referred me to this website for such an article.

    • I am sorry that our website is no longer active. I have searched our archive and do not find an article concerning Cochecho or Dover in 1689 nor do we have anything written in this period that provides a Native perspective. The only thing that comes to mind is an article about the Oyster River Raid in 1694 that explains the event by following the activities of various Native groups leading up to the raid.
      Here is the info for the original article
      The Great Massacre of 1694: Understanding the Destruction of Oyster River Plantation, by Craig J. Brown Originally Published in Historical New Hampshire Vol. 53, No. 3&4, Fall/Winter 1998 a Publication of the New Hampshire Historical Society
      Best of luck in your research.

      • Diane

        Thank you so much for researching my question. I really appreciate it. I have worked with Craig Brown, so I am familiar with his article.

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