Edward Marden Sr. – Grafton Deeds (Part 4)

The next deed I am exploring signals the beginning of a series of ownership transfers for the 100 acre Lot 66 in Lyman on which Edward Marden is living. The property passes back and forth and is sub-divided all the while Edward is living on the property.


What does this deed tell me?

  • Edward Marden is a resident of Lyman
  • Edward is a husbandman (farmer)
  • Edward sold his land for $200.00
  • He sold the land to Charles K. White, a trader from Concord (the man mentioned in Edward’s pension inventory)
  • The land is described as Lot 66, “being the same upon which I now live”
  • It consists of 100 acres
  • Edward owns the land “free and clear” and is prepared to defend his title to the land
  • The deed is dated 20-Jul-1818
  • The deed is record 22-Jul-1818

One thing I notice right off – there is no wife mentioned and no releasing of a spouses “right of dower”. Perhaps Edward is a widower on this day. This suggests to me that Edwards 1st wife died (or left him) somewhere between the summer of 1810, when the census taker visited and the date of this deed.

Another option for the missing wife is that she existed but intentionally did not release her “right of dower” thus maintaining some form of title to the land. But then, I would expect to find some legal language somewhere in this deed to support this theory. On the other hand, the next deed does seem to support the possibility.

Another key point is the date. This land was sold after Edward filed for his pension. Was he forced to sell the land to eat or is this part of a community plan to help him get the assistance he needs to survive in his elder years? Perhaps the other deeds will help me figure out just what is going on.

I certainly am not a lawyer and may not be interpreting this group of deeds correctly. Once I publish the whole series, I would like to seek out a lawyer who understands early New England deed transactions to get another opinion.

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