Kanistanaux / Moulton / Metallic
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Introduction to the Project

I am attempting to determine if two women, Marleah Kanistanaux (wife of Thomas Layton Kindness/Kanistanaux) & Dr. Lee-O-Netto (several spellings), known in the Stockton area of New York State could be the granddaughters of an Abenaki man known as Metallic (many different spellings!) who inhabited the Rangeley/Umbagog region of Maine and the Coos Region of New Hampshire in the late 18th and early 19th Century.

You will find a nice Biography of Metallic written by Alan W. Johnson on our Ne-Do-Ba website

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Diigo Bookmarks & Notes

I am a subscriber to the Diigo bookmarking service. I have created a public bookmark list using this service with links to various web pages containing information of value to this research project. I have also made notations on many of these pages that other Diigo members will be able to view. My Kanistanaux List will be of interest to others researching this family group.

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2 thoughts on “Kanistanaux

  1. blbaron

    Our weekly Penn Yan Chronicle Express has a “From Pages Past” column, and the Sept 23, 2020 had a note from the Sept 21, 1870 paper-

    “Mrs. Kanistanaux, the celebrated Indian Physician, will make her regular visit to Penn Yan again this week. She will be at the Benham House on Saturday and Sunday, the 24th and 25th inst…” going on to list various dates and locations in the area.

    When I went on a bird walk on-line to see what I could find about Mrs. Kanistanaux, I came across your blog, with a scan of a letter and your request for more information. I thought you might be interested in this little tidbit- you seem to be looking for a male, but there may be a female relative that is also interesting. The column is referenced to the Yates County History Center as the source…you might visit yatespast.org to find a contact that might have more information about Mrs. Kanistanaux’s “regular visits”.

    • Oh so sorry this has been sitting for months unnoticed.
      Thank you for sharing this. Yes, there were two men and one or two women who used the name Kanistanaux and worked as “Indian” doctors. The more well known of the two women used the name Doctor Lee-O-Netto for most of her life but in her early career she used Kanistanaux. The one that was most active in 1870 was Marleah Kanistanaux. She sometimes traveled with “Chief U-ta-wa-un” in this time period and is found with him in the 1875 NY census and with her family in Stockton, NY the same census.

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