Stockton Deeds – 1890 Purchase

Today’s deed shows an expansion of the homestead property in Stockton.


July 1890 purchase of 3 acres in Stockton from Andrew Munger of Ellicott by Leonetto Dodge of Stockton for $80.00

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Key Data

Deed Index

  • Index of Deeds, Chautauqua County, N.Y. – Grantees
  • page 183 for the letter “D”
  • Andrew Munger, grantor
  • Leeonetto Dodge, grantee
  • Liber. #240, Page #251, Lot #35, Town #4, Range #12



  • 10-July-1890
  • Leeonetto Dodge of Stockton
  • purchased 3 acres more or less
  • land in Stockton, part of lot #35, 4th Township, 12th Range of the Holland Land Company Survey
  • sold for $80.00
  • a roughly square lot abutting the west side of the lot owned by Laton Kanistanaux and lying along the Old Mill Road.



According to this deed, Lee-o-netto is living in Stockton. She is buying property in her own name. Wonder what happened to Charles J. Dodge? Is he already history? Probably not, since he is listed with her two years later in the 1892 NY State Census here in Stockton. So why is she acting alone?

This second 3 acre lot is the same dimension (5 chains by 6 chains) as the first lot purchased in 1879 and it abuts to that first lot. So now the Stockton homestead consists of 6 acres out of the original 100.

This does leave me wondering if they have been renting or leasing additional land all along. The two lots combined (6 acres) are closer to the lot size on the 1881 Town Map, which I estimated to be about 10 acres. Other possible explanations for the expansion might be the soil of the original lot is getting tired from years use or perhaps Nettie intended to establish her own homestead.

It is interesting to note this deed refers to Laton Kanistanaux as the “owner” of the first lot. The original 3 acre lot is still considered to be Laton’s property, even though I have documentation to show he no longer legally owned it.

At $80, the price of this 3 acres is almost 1/2 of what they paid for the 1st 3 acres 15 years ago and appears to be a bargain. However, the first lot probably had the house on it and some general improvements which would increase it’s value. Of course it was the family that built the house and made the improvements, so they may have paid for their own improvements twice.

I would like to thank Cheryl Keisling for performing a tedious search through un-indexed country records to locate these deeds.

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