Stockton Deeds – 1888 Transfer

Today’s deed is another sale of the Stockton homestead property, but this time it is not such a sad event.

Document 1

1888 Sale of 3 acres in Stockton by Laton & Mary Kanistanaux to C.J. & Nettie Dodge.

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Key Data

Deed Index

  • page 422 for the letter “K”
  • Index of Deeds, Chautauqua County, N.Y.
  • Laton Kanistanaux. grantor
  • C.J. and Nettie Dodge, grantees
  • Liber. #233, Page #224, Lot #35, Town #4, Range #12

Warranty Deed

  • 19-Dec-1888
  • Laton Kanistanaux and Mary Kanistanaux his wife of the town of Stockton … of the first part
  • C. J. Dodge of Bradford State of Pennsylvania and Nettie Dodge his wife of the same place … of the second part
  • sold for $1.00
  • land in Stockton, part of lot #35, 4th Township, 12th Range of the Holland Land Company Survey
  • bounded by old Plank Road and Mill Road on two sides, other two sides are parallel to these roads
  • Containing three acres of land … more or less
  • “This deed is given subject to a life lease given this day by the parties of the second part to the aforesaid Lanton Kanistanaux and Mary Kanistanaux his wife the said lease to continue for and during their natural lives.”


Laton and Mary Kanistanaux are transferring ownership of the Stockton property to Lee-o-netto and her new husband, Charles J. Dodge. They sold 3 acres of land for only $1, which doesn’t suggest they were selling off their land to raise money. There is an interesting clause that states this same land is being leased back to Laton & Mary for the duration of their lives.

There is no way to know for certain what is going on, but I suspect Nettie is attempting to make sure the family never loses this property again. By transferring the property, the yearly taxes will now be the responsibility of the Dodge’s, freeing Laton and Mary from the possibility of a loss due to unpaid taxes.

I might be able to prove this theory by researching Stockton tax records to see if they were behind in taxes at this time. At this time, I don’t believe this will assist me in meeting my project goals, so I will leave this for the descendants to work on.

I would like to thank Cheryl Keisling for performing a tedious search through un-indexed country records to locate these nice documents.

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