Stockton Deeds – 1879 Purchase

This post is a bit more upbeat then my last. Today’s deed shows the Kanistanaux family was able to repurchase a portion of their original lot in Stockton.

Unfortunately, the images for these documents are huge so I will not be following my usual pattern of providing copies of the documents here with the post. The images are all found on the free familysearch website, so I will provide links directly to their images for anyone interested in seeing the actual documents.


September 1879 Purchase of 3 acres in Stockton by Laton Kanistanaux for $150.00

Index Page <– click here

Deed <– click here

Key Data

Deed Index

  • Index of Deeds, Chautauqua County, N.Y. – Grantees A-KI 1872-88
  • page 422 for the letter “K”
  • 1880
  • Laton Kanistanaux, grantee
  • Andrew and Mary E. Munger, grantor
  • Liber. #185, Page #148, Lot #35, Town #4, Range #12



  • 24-Sep-1879
  • Laton Kanistanaux, of Stockton, buyer
  • purchased 3 acres more or less
  • land in Stockton, part of lot #35, 4th Township, 12th Range of the Holland Land Company Survey
  • sold for $150.00
  • beginning at the corner of the Old Plank Road [County Rd 70/Rt 380] and the Mill Road
  • 5 chains (330 feet) in length along the Old Plank Road
  • 6 chains (396 feet) in length along the Mill Road
  • other two lines are parallel to the first two forming a nearly square lot.



I am very glad to see the family did not loose the house and land completely. Here we see Laton is purchasing 3 acres of the original 100 acres. Once again the house is not specifically mentioned, but I assume the house they built in the summer of 1874 was located within this 3 acre lot and they have been renting since October 1874.

The description of this lot matches fairly well with the lot shown on the 1881 Town Map I presented in my Kanistanaux Homestead post.


I would like to thank Cheryl Keisling for performing a tedious search through un-indexed county records to locate these useful documents.

See the Kanistanaux Home Page for more.
See the Kanistanaux Map at Google.
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Canyon Wolf 
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