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Stockton Deeds – 1879 Purchase

This post is a bit more upbeat then my last. Today’s deed shows the Kanistanaux family was able to repurchase a portion of their original lot in Stockton.

Unfortunately, the images for these documents are huge so I will not be following my usual pattern of providing copies of the documents here with the post. The images are all found on the free familysearch website, so I will provide links directly to their images for anyone interested in seeing the actual documents.

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Edward Marden Jr. – His 1st Family?

This post will cover the possibility of a prior wife for Edward Jr., named Rebecca Jamison along with two possible sons born to this couple.

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Edward Marden Jr. – Search for New Information

Today I will review what I discovered in my online search for additional information. I revisited all the original sites, since there have been some updates to databases that may relate to the family. I also explored some new research possibilities.

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