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Edward Marden Jr. – His 1st Family?

This post will cover the possibility of a prior wife for Edward Jr., named Rebecca Jamison along with two possible sons born to this couple.

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Edward Marden Sr., – Summary of Deeds

Now that I have explored all these wonderfully informative deeds, it is time to review what I learned, what I didn’t learn, what earlier assumptions need to be revised, and what is left to do. This last item will wait until the next post.

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Edward Marden Sr. – Grafton Deeds (Part 2)

Before exploring the second deed, I need to take a minute to review the history of Concord (Lisbon) NH. For some unexplained reason this town was granted twice to different groups of men in 1763 and 1764. The original grant was re-granted in 1768  and then re-granted yet again. The boundaries of each grant were not exactly the same and the proprietors varied as well. Not all land sales were made under the proper grant which caused problems concerning legal title to the lands. In 1787 New Hampshire appointed a man to help the settlement deal with it’s issues. The affect of this controversy must have been deeply concerning to the common man who paid good money to purchase his land only to discover he may not have a legal title.

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Edward Marden Sr. – Who was Chloe Barnes?

Now it is time to explore what is known about the widow of Edward Marden. Could Chloe Barnes be Edward’s Indian wife? Lets see what we can come up with.
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Edward Marden Sr. – Maps & Local Histories

In this post I want to explore the places where I have found Edward. Where are they in relationship to each other? I will also be looking into the history of these locations as they might relate to Edward. Google Maps will help me share this with my readers. Today’s technology is just so cool!

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