Moulton Family Review (1)

Today I will review what I know about Eli & Catherine Moulton. Since I know very little about this couple, this will be a good post to explain my charts in case a reader is interested in using this technique to analysis their own family mysteries.

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19th Century Basket Making in New England

Today my post will discuss the craft of basket making in New England in the 19th Century and its relationship to the Marden family. This occupation is typically thought of as “Indian work” in the Northeast, and the majority of basket makers were Native Americans. But there were also “Yankee” basket makers. Having an occupation of “basket maker” in New England does not guarantee the person was Native.

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Edward Marden Jr. – Search for New Information

Today I will review what I discovered in my online search for additional information. I revisited all the original sites, since there have been some updates to databases that may relate to the family. I also explored some new research possibilities.

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Edward Marden Sr. – Maps & Local Histories

In this post I want to explore the places where I have found Edward. Where are they in relationship to each other? I will also be looking into the history of these locations as they might relate to Edward. Google Maps will help me share this with my readers. Today’s technology is just so cool!

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The Marden Family – Published Genealogies

Before I get too involved in a research project, I always check for published genealogies that mention the folks I am working on.

How do I do this?

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