Lee-o-netto – dating images

Today I am sharing photos of Lee-o-netto contributed by descendants. It is so wonderful to have these descendants showing an interest in their family history and so willing to share what they learn. We are learning from each other as we explore the Kanistanaux family from different perspectives.

I decided to educate myself a little in the art of dating old photos. The subject is simple in some ways and very complex in others. I decided not to try to teach my readers the process, but simply to share the highlights. I will include some links to sites I found useful.

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The Kanistanaux Homestead & Oral History

Today my post is about exploring some oral history concerning the Kanistanaux homestead in Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY.

There is no breakthrough data here, but it is always worthwhile to explore the place where a research subject lived. It helps to understand the subject on a personal level and sometimes suggests other places to look for information.

I don’t plan to write blog posts for every single item I explore during this research project, but this one seems to lend itself well as a teaching tool. Working with oral history is a slippery slope, so I will be sharing some concerns and techniques. Continue reading

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BIG OPPS – Update to my last post

I received e-mail from Randy Blood recently. He pointed out a couple of errors in my recent post titled Lee-o-netto’s Funeral Notice. I am totally ashamed of myself for these errors. No excuse – I rushed and I blew it.

Today, I would like to correct the information and perhaps turn my mistakes into a positive learning experience for all.

Thanks Randy, for getting me focused and back on track.

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Dr. Lee in the 1880 Census

Well, what do you know! My last post suggested I might find Dr. Lee living near Herkimer, NY around 1880. Once I had an idea where she might be, it didn’t take long to locate her in the 1880 census.

This is why it is important to spend time tracking down other types of resources when doing family research. The contents of news clipping for the Kanistanaux family have provided many vital clues about the people in the family, their connections to each other, and where to look for missing pieces.

I found Dr. Lee in the 1880 census using Ancestry.com. First, I selected Census, then 1880. In the search box I entered Herkimer Co., NY as the “Lived In” location and used the setting “Restrict to Adjacent Counties”. The only other item was setting “Indian” as the race. I did not use any names, since I have already done name searches that did not discover her.

What do you know, there she is on the first page of results in Rome, Oneida Co., NY. If only they were all that easy. Oh wait, this wasn’t easy. It took me and Randy hours and hours of searching old newspapers to find the bits and pieces that brought me to this point.

If she had been listed as white instead of Indian, it would have taken much longer to find her!

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Moulton Family Review (1)

Today I will review what I know about Eli & Catherine Moulton. Since I know very little about this couple, this will be a good post to explain my charts in case a reader is interested in using this technique to analysis their own family mysteries.

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The Edward Marden Project is Working!

I am so excited by the events of the past week. I have been hearing from descendants of Edward. They are contributing information and funding. This past week I received a $25.00 donation from each of 3 different descendants. As promised, all proceeds of this blog will be used to pay for retrieving documents to assist in the project.

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Edward Marden Sr. – What’s a Ranger? (Part 1)

I asked myself, just what was Whitcomb’s Rangers all about? What did they do, where were they headquartered, and what campaigns did they participate in?

Why should it matter in a genealogy project?

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Edward Marden Sr. – General History of the Region

Understanding the local town histories is very important, but the information will have much greater value if it is placed in the context of regional history.

Since the towns involved so far all seem to be clustered in the same general region, now seems like a good time to review the regional history of the upper Connecticut River.

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Finding Historical Source Documentation

Before I get too deep into other forms of research, I need to take time to verify the information in the compiled genealogies I created. I do this by locating historical documentation.
What do I mean by historical documentation? There may be a number of definitions for the term. I am looking for –

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The Marden Family – What Have I Learned So Far?

Entering family data into a genealogical database gives me a good opportunity to get to know the entire family. Once this step is completed, I generally make an inventory of what I know (or what I think I know) and what I still want to learn.

What do I know about Edward Marden and his “Indian” wife?

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