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Edward Marden Jr. – Review of Published Genealogies (Part 1)

I need to review what I have already learned before I can decide on a plan of action for further research.

At the beginning of this project I found 3 published works that addressed the Marden family, as well as census records, and later I uncovered some Grafton County deeds. I will review what I learned from the published genealogies about Edward Jr. in this post. Part two will discuss the specific sources within the Annis Genealogy with an analysis of the reliability of those sources.

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Edward Marden Sr. – Grafton Deeds (Part 1)

I recently acquired 11 deeds from Grafton County, New Hampshire concerning Edward Marden Sr & Jr. Many thanks to my new friends at and Tricia Thompson, CG, the Genealogist I hired to retrieved the deeds. It was a very smooth experience.

K’chi Wliwni Nidobak – Great Thanks My Friends!

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The Edward Marden Project is Working!

I am so excited by the events of the past week. I have been hearing from descendants of Edward. They are contributing information and funding. This past week I received a $25.00 donation from each of 3 different descendants. As promised, all proceeds of this blog will be used to pay for retrieving documents to assist in the project.

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