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The Kanistanaux Homestead & Oral History

Today my post is about exploring some oral history concerning the Kanistanaux homestead in Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY.

There is no breakthrough data here, but it is always worthwhile to explore the place where a research subject lived. It helps to understand the subject on a personal level and sometimes suggests other places to look for information.

I don’t plan to write blog posts for every single item I explore during this research project, but this one seems to lend itself well as a teaching tool. Working with oral history is a slippery slope, so I will be sharing some concerns and techniques. Continue reading

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Lee-o-netto’s House in Allegany

Today I will be showing off the home of Dr. Lee-o-netto. I feel a little like a real estate salesman ;-)

I don’t anticipate this exercise will provide any real clues to Dr. Lee-o-netto’s parents, but with many research problems it can provide useful information. I encourage my readers to learn all you can about the locations your ancestors lived. If the building still stands, maybe there is treasure in a dark attic corner.

I like to take these little site-seeing excursions. They help me understand the environment the subject lived and worked within and in turn that helps me get to know my research subject as a person.

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