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Lee-o-netto’s House in Allegany

Today I will be showing off the home of Dr. Lee-o-netto. I feel a little like a real estate salesman ;-)

I don’t anticipate this exercise will provide any real clues to Dr. Lee-o-netto’s parents, but with many research problems it can provide useful information. I encourage my readers to learn all you can about the locations your ancestors lived. If the building still stands, maybe there is treasure in a dark attic corner.

I like to take these little site-seeing excursions. They help me understand the environment the subject lived and worked within and in turn that helps me get to know my research subject as a person.

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An Obituary for Lee-o-netto

New documents are slowing arriving at the in-box after a long lull in activity. I have some exciting discoveries to share. Today I am presenting the obituary for Dr. Lee-o-netto recently provided by the Allegany Area Historical Association of Allegany, NY. [edited 11-Dec-2012]
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Nettie & Charles Dodge

Today I am presenting another wonderful treasure shared by Randy Blood as a result of his resent visit to New York State. A photograph of Charles & Nettie Dodge.

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He’s Baaack!

And now for an encore appearance of none other then the world famous tooth puller himself, the infamous Dr. U-ta-wa-un. I really thought I was done with this fellow. Guess who he is traveling with today!
A big thanks to Randy Blood for discovering and sharing this.

[updated 19-Oct-2012]

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