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Did Edward Marden have an Indian wife?

So here I am at the end of the project (well, genealogy projects never truly end ;)) and I still have this Million Dollar question staring me in the face. The short answer is —

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Edward Marden Sr. – What’s a Ranger? (Part 1)

I asked myself, just what was Whitcomb’s Rangers all about? What did they do, where were they headquartered, and what campaigns did they participate in?

Why should it matter in a genealogy project?

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Edward Marden Sr. – Pension Records (part 3)

Today I will be looking at the Window’s Pension Documents located in Edward Marden’s Pension Record. These documents provide me with a name and date of marriage for Edward and his last wife. They also provide an interesting bit of family trivia. I find some of the most interesting tidbits of history while reading pension documents.

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