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Edward Marden Sr. – Timeline 1.1

I believe it is time to review all I have discovered about Edward before moving on to Edward Jr. First I will revise my timeline for him, then in my next post I will revise his map.

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Edward Marden Sr. – A Whitefield Connection?

It is the time of year for renewing Ne-Do-Ba’s subscriptions to various research sites. We have limited funds for subscriptions so it is important to choose the right sites in order to get our money’s worth.

I have not noticed much in the way of real changes at the World Vital Records site, so I questioned if that was still a worth while subscription to maintain. I noticed a new comer to the field that looked as if it might be an interesting replacement, I decided to give them a try for a year. So far I am not at all sorry for making the change.

Of course, the first thing I did with my new subscription was search for Edward Marden!

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Edward Marden Sr. – Maps & Local Histories

In this post I want to explore the places where I have found Edward. Where are they in relationship to each other? I will also be looking into the history of these locations as they might relate to Edward. Google Maps will help me share this with my readers. Today’s technology is just so cool!

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Edward Marden Sr. – A Timeline Summary

Every now and then during a research project I like to take time to review and summarize what I have learned and what I still need to learn.

I find creating timelines and studying maps to be incredibly useful tools at this stage of a project.

Creating a timeline consists of listing the data I have found in chronological order.

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