Edward Marden Sr. – A Timeline Summary

Every now and then during a research project I like to take time to review and summarize what I have learned and what I still need to learn.

I find creating timelines and studying maps to be incredibly useful tools at this stage of a project.

Creating a timeline consists of listing the data I have found in chronological order.

Edward Marden Sr – Timeline Ver.1

  • c1751 – Edward is born at an unknown location to unknown parents
  • — 1751 – The French & Indian War begins
  • — 1763 – The French & Indian War is officially over and France cedes Canada to Great Britain
  • >>> 1763 to 1800 – Wabanaki People lose their French allies and English settlement seriously encroaches on traditional Wabanaki resources
  • c1770 – Edward (age about 19 or 20) might be the man recently settled at Maidstone, VT
  • July-1774 – An Edward Mardin is listed as a proprietor on the charter of the yet to be settled town of Whitefield, NH. He may have been in Dunstable, MA at the time.
  • — April-1775 – The Battles of Concord & Lexington ignite the American Revolution
  • 23-May-1776 – Edward Mardin drew 2 lots in yet to be settled Whitefield, NH
  • 26-Jun-1776 – Edward signs a petition as an inhabitant of Northumberland, Upper Coos
  • — 4-Jul-1776 – American Colonies officially declare Independence from Great Britain
  • 6-Jul-1776 – Edward does not appear on a petition signed by inhabitants of Lancaster, Northumberland, Guildhall & Stratford
  • 12-Oct-1776 – Edward does not appear on the local militia list of Northumberland
  • abt Dec-1776 – The Town of Landaff claims Edward had “lately come to Town”
  • 30-Dec-1776 – Edward enlists at Northumbrland in Major Benjamin Whitcomb’s Independent Company of Rangers. In later years Edward states “I was then a transient Person”
  • Jun-1883 – Edward is honorable discharged from military service
  • — 3-Sep-1783 – The American Revolution is formally ended 
  • abt. 1785 – Edward Jr. is born (we can also assume a mate is in the picture by this point)
  • 26-May-1785 – Edward is an inhabitant of Concord (modern day Lisbon)
  • 12-Jan-1786 – Edward signs a petition as an inhabitant of Concord
  • 12-Jun-1787 – Edward signs a petition as an inhabitant of Concord
  • 1790 – Edward is enumerated in Concord, NH and probably has a wife and son
  • 13-Feb-1790 – Edward is issued Bounty Land Warrant #3321 for 100 acres
  • 1800 – Edward is enumerated in Concord, NH and seems to have house guests as well as a wife and child (or children)
  • 1810 – Edward is enumerated in Lyman, NH and probably has a wife living with him
  • 1830 – Edward is enumerated in Lyman, NH and appears to have a new, younger, wife
  • 1833-35 – Edward is collecting a pension
  • 16-Mar-1835 – Edward dies in Lyman, NH

You can see I inserted a few key history items into the timeline. I believe it is important to understand a person’s life in context with the world around them. When creating a timeline for your own research, you might find my Timeline of Wabanaki Events useful.

I don’t see anything really out of place here. At this point in time I think this could all be the same man. Maybe Edward’s military records will add some more detail or create road blocks that need to be resolved.

Next, I will be looking at a map of the region and exploring regional history.

Did I miss anything?

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2 thoughts on “Edward Marden Sr. – A Timeline Summary

  1. I have also found timelines to be very helpful. Especially when I add in epidemics of the area.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  2. That sounds like a great idea. Only one problem, I have never seen such a list for this region. Guess I'll have to start one myself.

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