Edward Marden Sr. – Timeline 1.1

I believe it is time to review all I have discovered about Edward before moving on to Edward Jr. First I will revise my timeline for him, then in my next post I will revise his map.

New events in the timeline are in bold. Events I have disproven since the last timeline are crossed out.

Edward Marden Sr – Timeline Ver.1.1

  • c1751 – Edward is born at an unknown location to unknown parents
  • — 1751 – The French & Indian War begins
  • — 1763 – The French & Indian War is officially over and France cedes Canada to Great Britain
  • >>> 1763 to 1800 – Wabanaki People lose their French allies and English settlement seriously encroaches on traditional Wabanaki resources
  • >>> 1760s to 1850s Scattered Abenaki family bands are continually mentioned in the Upper Cowas region along the VT/NH/ME/Canada border and the important Connecticut River tributaries of the area.
  • c1770 – Edward (age about 19 or 20) might be the man recently settled at Maidstone, VT
  • July-1774 – An Edward Mardin is listed as a proprietor on the charter of the yet to be settled town of Whitefield, NH. He may have been in Dunstable, NH at the time.
  • — April-1775 – The Battles of Concord & Lexington ignite the American Revolution
  • 23-May-1776 – Edward Mardin drew 2 lots in yet to be settled Whitefield, NH
  • 26-Jun-1776 – Edward signs a petition as an inhabitant of Northumberland, Upper Coos
  • — 4-Jul-1776 – American Colonies officially declare Independence from Great Britain
  • 6-Jul-1776 – Edward does not appear on a petition signed by inhabitants of Lancaster, Northumberland, Guildhall & Stratford
  • 12-Oct-1776 – Edward does not appear on the local militia list of Northumberland
  • abt Dec-1776 – The Town of Landaff claims Edward had “lately come to Town”
  • 30-Dec-1776 – Edward enlists at Northumbrland in Major Benjamin Whitcomb’s Independent Company of Rangers. In later years Edward states “I was then a transient Person”
  • Jul to Oct-1777 – Edward’s Ranger Corp is participating in the retreat from Ticonderoga and the Battle of Saratoga.
  • 1778 – Edward is headquartered at Fort Ranger in Rutland, VT
  • 1779/80 – Edward is headquartered in Haverhill, NH and helps to build the Bayley-Hazen Military Road
  • Jun-1883 – Edward is honorably discharged from military service at Newburg, NY
  • — 3-Sep-1783 – The American Revolution is formally ended
  • 1784 – Edward appears to be at Haverhill and perhaps married here.
  • abt. 1785 – Edward Jr. is born (we must assume a spouse for Edward is in the picture by this point) – born probably Haverhill or Concord (Lisbon)
  • 26-May-1785 – Edward is an inhabitant of Concord (modern day Lisbon)
  • 15-Sep-1785 – Edward “of Haverhill” purchases 100 acres of land in Concord (Lisbon)
  • 12-Jan-1786 – Edward signs a petition as an inhabitant of Concord
  • 12-Jun-1787 – Edward signs a petition as an inhabitant of Concord
  • 13-Feb-1790 – Edward is issued Bounty Land Warrant #3321 for 100 acres
  • 1790 – Edward is enumerated in Concord, NH and probably has a wife and son
  • 1-Oct-1790 – Edward gives (or sells?) his land in Concord to Benjamin Morris
  • 1800 – Edward is enumerated in Concord Lyman, NH and seems to have house guests as well as a wife (26-45 yrs. so b.1756-1774) and child (or children)
  • 24-Sep-1803 – Edward purchases the land he is living on in Lyman from Nathan Hodges
  • 1810 – Edward is enumerated in Lyman, NH and probably has a wife (45+ years old) living with him
  • 1810 to Jul-1818 – It appears Edward’s 1st wife died in this time period
  • 16-Jan-1815 – 3 earlier deeds involving Edward are registered
  • 9-Apr-1818 – Edward files for a pension
  • 20-Jul-1818 – Edwards sells his land in Lyman to Charles K. White with no wife or “right of dower” mentioned in the deed.
  • bet 20-Jul-1818 & 20-Mar-1820 – Edward appears to have married his 2nd wife
  • 20-Mar-1820 – Edward now has a wife named Charlotte and she acquires title to Edward’s homestead from Charles K. White on this date.
  • 4-Apr-1820 – Edward and Charlotte sell 60 of their 100 acres to Edward Jr.
  • 8-Aug-1820 – Edward provides the pension commission with an inventory of his real & personal property. His wife, age 40 (b.abt.1780), owns the property.
  • 1830 – Edward is enumerated in Lyman, NH and appears to have a wife (aged 50-60 so b.bet.1770-1780)
  • 16-Jul-1830 – Edward & Charlotte sell off 10 acres of their land
  • 16-Jul-1830 to May-1831 – Charlotte, wife of Edward appears to have died during this period
  • abt May-1831 – Edward is married to Chloe Barnes
  • 18-Feb-1833 – Edward sells his last 30 acres to Phineas Ash and Phineas sells it back with the condition that Mr. Ash will care for Edward & Chloe for the rest of their lives
  • 16-Mar-1835 – Edward dies in Lyman, NH
  • 3-Feb-1853 – Edward’s widow files an application to collect his pension

Did I miss anything important?

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