Edward Marden Sr., – Summary of Deeds

Now that I have explored all these wonderfully informative deeds, it is time to review what I learned, what I didn’t learn, what earlier assumptions need to be revised, and what is left to do. This last item will wait until the next post.

What didn’t I learn from the Deeds?

  • I did not learn the name of Edward’s 1st wife or any of the circumstances of her life
  • I did not learn anything about a possible Native wife
  • I did not learn anything about Edward’s parents, siblings, or origins before the war
  • I did not learn any helpful information concerning the relationship between Charlotte Marden and Charles K. White

What new information was learned?

  • I learned Edward was at Haverhill, NH before settling at Concord/Lisbon
  • I learned the approx. dates of Edward’s move from Concord to Lyman
  • I was able to narrow down the time period for the death of Edward’s first wife
  • I was able to narrow down the time period for the marriage and death of Edward’s 2nd wife
  • I learned the given name of Edward’s 2nd wife, Charlotte
  • I learned the circumstances surrounding the land (identified as Lot #66) Edward lived on in Lyman
  • I learned Edward Jr. has a documented connection to Edward Sr. which suggests they are father and son
  • I learned Edward Jr. was sill in Lyman in 1820 (the missing census year!)
  • I learned Edward Jr. was living in Dalton, Coos, NH in Oct-1824
  • I learned Phineas Ash of Lyman purchased Edward’s land and became responsible for Edward’s care beginning in Feb-1833

What prior data was verified by the deeds?

  • Edward did live at Concord (Lisbon) for a few years before settling in Lyman
  • Edward had at least two additional wives after the mother of his son
  • Edward Jr. was married to Eliza (Elizabeth) Annis, d/o David Annis of Bath, NH

What prior assumptions must be revised?

  • It is obvious now that Edward did not lose his land when his 2nd wife, Charlotte, died. Even though he did sell the land twice, it appears he never lost the use of it. All these deeds mention in some way that he is living on the land described in the deeds. I am left wondering why Charles White and Phineas Ash become involved in land transactions that seemingly did not benefit either of them in any way.

Does anyone notice anything I missed?

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