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Is This Marleah in 1870?

I have been searching for Layton & Marleah in census records prior to the 1875 NY State Census. I had no luck searching on the family name Kanistanaux. I decided to try just “Marleah” in an 1870 census search. I was surprised and very pleased to find a possible candidate.
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Kanistanaux in the 1875 NYS Census

I will start off this adventure with a key document showing three generations of the family in question. This document gives me some approximate birth dates and birth locations as a starting point for further investigation.

I just love the New York State Census series. Over the years these state census records have answered lots of questions and solved a few mysteries for me. I only wish more states had participated in similar census.

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Edward Marden Sr. – Who was Chloe Barnes?

Now it is time to explore what is known about the widow of Edward Marden. Could Chloe Barnes be Edward’s Indian wife? Lets see what we can come up with.
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