1867 American Circus – Dress Rehearsal

Today’s post has nothing to do with genealogy, but the illustrations were uncovered as part of my Indians in Paris research.
I decided these circus illustrations are historically important and should be available to the public. Since this blog is public what better place to offer them. I hope my readers enjoy this short side trip.

Document – click to enlarge

The Dress Rehersal of the American Circus - Comical Illustraions

La Vie Parisienne – Parisian life, Issue 21, 25-May-1867, page 372
Page of cartoons titled “Dress Rehearsal of the American Circus
( reproduction from original magazine owned by Ne-Do-Ba )

Translations (with lots of help from my Friend, Bob)

— beginning at the top left and continuing clockwise, with the center illustrations presented last

Le premier bras de l’Amerique, par un trappeur du Mississipi.
The first arm of America, a Mississippi trapper.
Peaux Rouges. – Le grand serpent, – pourvu qu’il ne s’avise pas de siffler.
Redskins. – The big snake – provided he thinks better of hissing.
Le sans gêne des Américains est impayable. Tenue pour déjeuner en ville.
The lack of shyness of Americans is priceless. Dressed for breakfast in the city
Le saut du Niagara.
The Niagara Jump – or – the Falls of Niagara.
[I wonder if he missed or this is just a good play on words?]
Les ronds en papier exécutés par un général sudiste.
Paper rings performed by the Confederate general.
L’équilibre sur la queue par le colonel Boum-soir.
Balancing on the tail by Colonel Boum-soir.
Milady et miss Sandwich, demoiselles americaines.
Lady and Miss Sandwich, American young ladies.
MM. Dollars-and-sou, marchands de pétrole.
Misters Dollars and Cents, petroleum merchants.
Un toast. – A Chistophe Colomb et Améric Vespuce… sans les quels ce banquet ne saurait exister…
A toast. – to Chistopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci … without whom the banquet would not exist …
Un souper sur une grande échelle.
Dinner on a big ladder.
Comment un Père américain sait élever son fils.
How an American father knows to raise his son.
Le clown squelette.
The skeleton clown.
La danse de l’Ohio, par un cheval sauvage.
The Ohio Dance, by a wild horse.
Le triomphe d’Iram. – Apothéose du cheval au visage pale, sur les 12 écuyers à barbe du lac Ontario.
The triumph of Iram. – Glorification of the pale face horse, on the 12  bearded riders of Lake Ontario.
[??? – guess you had to be there]
Sac du buffet americain. – Il faut bien croire au moins que le directeur a le sac…
American Bag Lunch. – One must at least believe that the director has the bag …
The dress rehearsal was free by invitation and included a meal. Based on the cartoons, I would say the meal was not what Paris expected. What did they expect for free!



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