Catherine (unknown) Moulton

This post contains all the information I have collected to date for Catherine/Katie Moulton. I will update the page as new information is gathered, so bookmark this page and check back often.

Last updated on 24-Aug-2012

Cather was born about 1787 in Canada. Catherine’s parents are unknown at this time. She is the presumed mother of Marleah Kanistanaux.


  • c1787 – Canada (Headstone, Marleah’s Census of 1880 & 1900).
  • unknown date – married Eli Moulton (Headstone, Laton’s 1901 Application, Marleah’s Death Record).
  • c1826 – a presumed daughter named Marleah was born in Canada (1875 NY State Census, Laton’s 1901 Application, Marleah’s Death Record).
  • Jun-1875 – not found in the State census with her husband (1875 NY State Census).
  • 3-Nov-1875 – died in Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY (Cemetery Card).
  • 3-Nov-1876 – died in Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY (Headstone)


Discussion & Notes

I question the year of Catherine’s death as stated on her headstone. Her husband Eli is a widower in June of 1875, which is several months before the stated death date. She is certainly not in the household with him in the 1875 State Census. This 1874 date is supported by the fact Eli purchased a cemetery plot in the local cemetery on 5-Nov-1874, which is very likely the day she was buried.

I wonder how the date on the headstone could be wrong? I know Eli out lived Catherine since he is a widower in the 1875 Census. I can see on the headstone that Eli is listed prominently at the top and Catherine is below him on the same stone. So, it appears the stone was made sometime after Eli passed away. It could have been just weeks after or it could have been months or even years later. It certainly was at least a year after her death before the stone was made. Who ever arranged for the stone to be carved or the person that carved the stone seems to have made the error. I intend to look for other records that might clarify her date of death.

Sources & Documents

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See the Kanistanaux Map at Google.
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