Elizabeth Jane Marden – A Quick Review

Today I will be looking at the youngest daughter of Edward Marden Jr. & his wife Elizabeth Annis. I will not cover the child named David in a post since he only lived about 14 months. He falls between Hannah and Elizabeth in the birth order.

Elizabeth Jane Marden – Data not all verified

  • 11-Nov-1820 – born in Lyman, NH
  • bef 1841 – married Laban Tyler
  • c1841 – birth of son George B. (d.1894) at unknown location in NH (perhaps Benton)
  • c1849 – birth of son Ezra E. (d.1920) at unknown location in NH (perhaps Benton)
  • 1850 to 1855 – at Stoneham, Middlesex Co., MA
  • c1855 – birth of son Frank Chase (d.1929) in MA (very likely Stoneham)
  • 1860 – Lafayette, Van Buren Co., Michigan
  • cApr-1860 – birth of son William Jason in Michigan
  • c1864 – birth of son Elmer E. in Michigan
  • 1870 – Paw Paw, Michigan
  • 19-Nov-1876 – she died in Paw Paw, Michigan

Elizabeth Jane Marden – Locations

  • Lyman, NH – 1820 to c1824 as a child with her parents
  • Albany, VT – c1820s as a child with her parents
  • Stoneham, MA – 1850 to 1855
  • Lafayette, MI – 1860
  • Paw Paw, MI – 1870 to 1876

The most important items to keep in mind about Elizabeth Jane Marden are;

  • she is recorded as “white” in records
  • she sometimes claimed Vermont as her birth place

Elizabeth is married and living in Stoneham, MA by 1850. The birth years of her children suggest they were in New Hampshire in the 1840s before moving to Stoneham then west to Michigan.

I had no luck finding a marriage record or records of birth for any of Elizabeth’s children.

Laban was a shoemaker. After Elizabeth’s death, he moved back east to Lynn, MA where he married widow Almira (Foss) Jackson on 17-Nov-1880. Laban died in Lynn 26-Jul-1903.

What else should I try to learn about Elizabeth Jane Marden?

  • Can I verify her birth date?
  • Can I learn more about her children?

Are there any descendants out there that can provide additional information or perhaps photos?

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2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Jane Marden – A Quick Review

  1. She is my 4th great-grandmother. I do not have any photos.

  2. Unfortunately – I do not have any photos of this woman nor her children.
    When I started blogging about this family, my hope was to get in contact with as many descendants as possible to see what family stories, artifacts, and photos we could turn up that would help in the research. I hope to get folks excited about their family and get them digging for treasure.
    So far, no one has come forward with anything new. But the blog is still young and interest may pick up at a later date.

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