1930 Census for the Horton Family

Today I am posting the last census for the Horton family. I was unable to find them in the 1920 Census. I did not take the time to search Randolph page by page, since I have them in a number of census already. However, descendants should take the time to find them in 1920, just in case there is something important to learn from it.



1930 U.S. Census, Randolph, NY, Pg. 4


Key Data

1930 U.S. Census, Randolph, Cattaraugus Co., NY, Pg. 4, dated 15-Apr-1930.

Sample Hill & [Millers?] Valley, Dwelling # 79, family #82

  1. Frederick H. Horton, head, owns the house valued at $500, he owns a radio set, male, white, age 77 married at age 28, he can read & write, he and both parents born in NY, no occupation.
  2. Carrie, wife, female, white, age 74, married at age 22, can read & write, she and her mother born in English Canada, her father born in Illinois.


The big news this year is they own their modest home and he has given up farming. Of course at age 77, retirement seems a particle course of action.

I could look for property records to get a better idea of when they purchased to house, but it is not a high priority.

Once again, Carrie says her father was born in Illinois while she and her mother are from English Canada.

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