Jesse Marden – A Quick Review

This post will explore what is known about Jesse Marden, a possible son of Edward Marden, Jr. by a prior spouse.

Most of the data collected for Jesse came from the Marden Genealogy. I was able to find him in census from 1840 to 1870 and verify some of Ms. Getchell’s data, but there is much that I could not verify.


  • c1805 – born in Lyman according to 1850 Census
  • 13-Dec-1832 – m. Lucinda Farr at Littleton, NH
  • 18-Mar-1836 – son, George N., born in Lisbon (probably dies between 1850 & 1860 census)
  • 1840 – at Dalton for the census
  • Feb-1847 – wife, Lucinda dies in Littleton, NH
  • 29-May-1847 – m. Alvira Towne at Littleton
  • c1848 – daughter, Lucinda, born in Littleton
  • 1850 – at Dalton for the census
  • c1850 – daughter, Amanda Melvina, born in Dalton, NH
  • 25-Jan-1852 – daughter, Marianna, born in Dalton
  • 1852-1854 – Alvira dies about this time
  • 25-Oct-1854 – m. Rebecca Chauncey
  • bef c1858 – m. Diana Snow
  • c1858 – son, Charles F., born in NH
  • 1860 – at Dalton for the census
  • 16-Feb-1860 – son, George Henry, born in Dalton
  • 16-May-1862 – son, Jesse, born in Dalton
  • c1867 – daughter, Elizabeth E., born in NH
  • 1870 – at Dalton for the census
  • 1880 – not found in this census. His wife, Diana, is a widow on the poor farm in Stewartstown, NH this year.

It is important to understand there was another man named Jesse Marden born somewhere between 1800 and 1815 (according to census ages) in New Hampshire. He is found in Baltimore, Maryland in census records.


  • Lyman, NH – born here about 1805
  • Littleton, NH – marriage in 1832
  • Dalton, NH – 1840-1870 Census
  • Littleton, NH – marriage in 1847, birth of child c1848

I have only two items to link Jesse to the Marden family I am researching and I found nothing to connect him to Hamilton Marden.

The two items are;

  • he claims he was born in Lyman in 1805 (from 1850 Census) when there were no other Marden families there except the two Edwards
  • he lived in Dalton most of his life and I know Edward Jr. lived at Dalton for a year or two in the 1820s, when Jesse was a young man.

Once again I have a possible son of one of the Edward Mardens I am researching. There is some data to suggest they are connected in some way, but the information is much too vague to state he is indeed a son of Edward Jr. by a woman named Rebecca.

Are there any descendants out there that can help?

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