William H. Kanistanaux

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William appears to be the son or grandson of Laton & Marleah Kanistanaux. He is identified as “Indian” in the 1875 and 1892 census.


  • Jul-1873 – born in Canada (1875 NYS Census, 1880 US Census). Born in US (1892 NYS Census). Born NY (1900 US Census).
  • 1875 – resident of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY as 2 year old “Willie” in the household of Layton Kanistanaux  (1875 NYS Census).
  • 1880 – resident of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY as 6 year old “Willie”, a “mulatto” born in Canada East and attending school. He is found in the household of Layton Kanistanaux (1880 US Census).
  • c1892 – married Maude A., born Oct-1877 in NY (1900 US Census)
  • 1892 – resident of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY as 19 year old “William B.”, “colored” born in US. He is found in the household of Layton Kanistanaux (1892 NYS Census).
  • Nov-1893 – daughter, Ethel O. is born (1900 US Census).
  • Aug-1895 – son, William is born (1900 US Census).
  • Apr-1898 – daughter, Leonando is born (1900 US Census). NOTE: another Lee-o-netto?
  • Dec-1899 – son, Mearl A. is born (1900 US Census).
  • 1900 – resident of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY as 26 year old “white” head of household with a wife and 4 children. He is a day laborer and a homeowner with a mortgage (1900 US Census).
  • c1904 – married (probably in Colorado) to Plooma (1910 US Census).
  • 1910 – resident of Evergreen, Jefferson Co., CO, as 36 year “white” head of household born in NY, with a new wife and 2 children. He is working as a RFD Carrier. His “father”, Laton is in the household. His 2 year old daughter is named Marleah (1910 US Census).
  • 1920 – resident of Jackson Co., CO, as a 50 year old head of household with his 2nd wife and additional children. This census shows he is born in Michigan, his father in Canada, and his mother in France (1920 US Census).
  • 1930 – resident of South Ashley, Unitah Co., Utah as the 56 year old head of household with his 2nd wife and 6 children. The youngest child is 8 years old and born in Utah. This census lists the birth place of William and both parents as Michigan (1930 US Census).

Discussion & Notes

William is much younger than his presumed siblings, Carrie and Henry. His other possible sibling, Lee-o-netto, is about 5 years older. This suggests there may be something going on in the family that needs to be investigated carefully. Perhaps the older siblings are only half or step siblings. Another possibility is that Willie is a grandchild. This is supported by a news clipping that states Laton is going to visit his “grandson William” in Colorado. On the other hand, just a few months later, Laton is listed as “father” in William’s household.
The fact William named a daughter in his first marriage “Leonette” and a daughter in his 2nd marriage “Marleah” shows a strong connection between this man and those ladies. What I don’t know is which Dr. Lee-o-netto he is honoring or the exact nature of his relationship with any of these ladies.
Laton could be the father of William. I do not know where Laton is in the 1872-4 time period when William was conceived or when Laton and Marleah married. It is possible Marleah is his mother since she would have been in her mid-forties. At this time, I still tend towards William being a grandchild of either Laton or Marleah but not both of them. Regardless of the exact relationship, records show William was raised as their own child.
William out lived the two siblings he is found with in early census, Henry and Carry, yet he is not mentioned in their obituaries, while a third possible sibling, Lee-o-netto is mentioned as a surviving sister in both obituaries. This is a real puzzle to me. Seems to be a very unusual dynamic going on in this family.
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