Henry Isaac Kanistanaux

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Henry Isaac Isaac Henry Kanistanaux appears to be the son of Marleah (Moulton) Kanistanaux. His father’s identity is unknown. He is documented as a brother of Dr. Lee-o-netto. He is identified as “Indian” in a number of census record. His siblings and parents refer to him as Henry (Horton Family Bible).


  • 7-May-1860 – born in Canada (1875, 1892, 1905 NYS Census, 1880, 1910 US Census, Laton’s 1901 Application).
  • 1870 – resident of Rathbone, Steuben Co., NY as 11 year old Isaac H., an Indian child born in NY with Laton & Mary (1870 US Census).
  • 1875 – resident of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY as Henry I., a 16 year old in the household of Layton Kanistanaux (1875 NYS Census).
  • 1880 – resident of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY as Henry, a 21 year old “Mulatto” in the household of Layton Kanistanaux. His place of birth is Canada East which generally refers to Quebec. He has no listed occupation (1880 US Census).
  • 1892 – resident of Ellicott, Chautauqua Co., NY as I.H., a 34 year old “Indian” head of household with a wife named Christine born about 1857 in Sweden (1892 NYS Census).
  • 1900 – not found in the US Census this year.
  • c1903 – married a woman named Anna Belle as his 3rd wife(1910 US Census).
  • 1905 – resident of Pomfret, Chautauqua Co., NY as Isaac H., the 45 year old head of the household. He is listed as “1/4 Indian” and a day laborer (1905 NYS Census).
  • 1910 – resident of Pomfret, Chautauqua Co., NY as Isaac, the 51 year old head of the household. He is listed as “white” and a farm laborer renting his house. He indicates he immigrated to the US in 1860 (1910 US Census).
  • 21-Apr-1920 – died in Pomfret, Chautauqua Co., NY (Obituary, death record)

Discussion & Notes

In the 1892 Census he was listed as a “car inspector”, which I believe is a rail road job. It’s possible rail road employment records exist and might be worth searching for.
There is documentation to show that Laton Kanistanaux can not be Henry’s birth father. However, “Isaac Henry Kindness” born 7-May-1860 is the only child listed by Laton on his 1901 Claims Application. Perhaps Laton was concerned he might die before the government got around to paying out the claims money and wanted to make sure someone received the money due him. But why not list the other children as well? Any one have any other ideas?
It appears I have a wife missing, since the 1910 census shows Isaac is on his 3rd marriage. I should see if I can find marriage and death (or divorce) records for the wives and search for possible children. No children are present in the census.
The death date I found posted at Find-a-grave and a New York GENWEB site is 24-Apr-1920. After additional research, I discovered his newspaper death notice which appears in the Fredonia Censor on Friday, April 23, 1920. It states he died the previous Wednesday, which would put his death on the 21st. The 24th is perhaps his burial date.

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