Edward Marden Sr. – Grafton Deeds (Part 9)

Today’s deed further subdivides Lot 66 in Lyman by chopping off another 10 acres of land and selling it.




What does this deed tell me?

  • the deed is dated 16-Jul-1830
  • the deed is recorded 22-Jul-1830
  • Edward Marden still lives in Lyman and is referred to as a farmer
  • Edward sold 10 acres from a lot originally referred to as Lot 66 and from “the westerly end of my home farm on which I now live”
  • Edward sold the land for $40 cash
  • the land is purchased by James H. Johnson, trader of Lisbon (previously Concord), & Ira Goodall, Esquire of Bath
  • the property is “free and clear”
  • Charlotte Marden releases her “right of dower”

Throughout his life in Lyman, Edward has managed to remain in his home on land the he originally settled. However, Edward is now left with only 30 acres of land out of his original 100 acres. This deed also confirms the woman with Edward in the 1830 Census is Charlotte. Charlotte must have died within months of this deed since Edward is married to Chloe Barnes less than a year later.

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