Edward Marden Jr. – Grafton Deeds (Part 8)

Today I will explore the second deed in Grafton County that involves the Marden family. It is a quit claim deed for the Annis family land in Bath, NH and it helps establish the identity of Edward Jr’s wife as Elizabeth Annis, daughter of David Annis of Bath, NH.



What does this deed tell me?

  • the deed is dated 1-Oct-1824
  • the deed is recorded 2-Nov-1824
  • Edward Mardin participates in this document “in right of my wife Eliza”
  • Edward is residing in Dalton, Coos County, NH at this time
  • Edward’s wife, Eliza (Elizabeth), is the daughter of David Annis of Bath, NH
  • Eliza Marden has siblings living in Bath named;
    • Webster D. Annis
    • Joseph Annis
    • Nathaniel F. Annis
    • Eunice Annis
    • Rachel, wife of Samuel Currier
    • Lois Annis
    • Mehitable N. Annis
  • Eliza has a sibling living in Littleton named Asa Annis
  • Eliza has a sibling living in Amsbury, MA named David Annis
  • Eliza has a sibling living in Lyman named Cummings L. Annis
  • Lois Annis is purchasing the rights of the land of his deceased father from his siblings in a quit claim deed for the sum of $11.

This is a common form of quit claim deed. In essence, the children of the late David Annis are giving his land to their brother, Lois Annis, for a very small sum.
What is the importance of this deed as it related to the Marden family? First, it establishes the marriage of Edward Marden to Elizabeth Annis. Second, it tells us the Edward Jr. has moved away from Lyman and is living in Dalton by 1824. Third, it may be useful to know names of Elizabeth’s siblings as I begin to dig deeper into Edward Jr..

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