Edward Marden Jr. – Grafton Deeds (Part 7)

In the deed I am exploring today, I see the 60 acres purchased by Edward Jr. is now being sold to Phineas Ash of Lyman. This transfer takes place less than a year after Junior acquired the property. Phineas Ash will appear in other Marden deeds as well.




What does this deed tell me?

  • the deed is dated 13-Jan-1821
  • the deed is recorded 27-Jan-1821
  • Edward Marden Jr. is living in Lyman
  • Edward Jr. is a farmer
  • the land is sold for $300
  • the land is purchased by Phineas Ash, farmer of Concord (Lisbon)
  • the land is described as 60 acres from Lot #66
  • Edward Jr. owned the land “free and clear”
  • Elizabeth Marden releases her “right of dower”

The 60 acres of land in Lyman purchased by Edward Jr. for $54 in 1820 is now being sold for $300. A very nice profit in a year’s time. It does leave me wondering if this is yet another planned transaction in a community effort to help an old veteran live out his remaining years. Just because the deed says Phineas Ash paid $300 does not guarantee Edward Jr. really received that much money.

There are still a few more deeds to explore and I certainly hope I can get some legal advice after they are all posted.

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