Edward Marden Sr. – Grafton Deeds (Part 6)

The deed I am exploring today provides a clear link between Edward Sr. and Edward Jr.. It would have been nice to find the words son or father somewhere in the deed, but at least a connection is established.



What does this deed tell me?

  • the deed is dated 4-Apr-1820
  • the deed is recorded 11-Apr-1820
  • Edward & Charlotte sign the deed
  • Edward still refers to himself as a farmer
  • the deed is for 60 acres of Charlotte’s 100 acre lot #66 in Lyman
  • Edward Marden Jr. pays $54.00 for the land
  • Edward Marden Jr. is a farmer
  • the deed does not tell us where Jr. in currently residing
  • Edward’s nearest neighbors appear to be Mr. Goodhall and Mr. Charlton
  • Edward & Charlotte owned the land in her name
  • The title to the land was “free and clear”

The land Edward sold to Charles White in 1818 for $200 has been purchased back for $50 in March of 1820. Two weeks later the land is being subdivided and the larger portion sold to Edward Jr. for $54.00 with Edward maintaining title to 40 acres in his wife’s name.

I suspect the $4.00 profit made by Edward and Charlotte was the amount of money needed to cover the legal and recording fees, but that is just a guess on my part.

It appears to me that these land transfers have been set-up with the intent of providing an old veteran with the ability to stay on the land he originally homesteaded while keeping his assets low enough to collect a pension from the government.

I would certainly welcome opinions from my readers.

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