Edward Marden Sr. – Grafton Deeds (Part 10)

The deed I am exploring today would seem to be the final one involving Edward. But, as my readers will see in my next post, there is yet one more to be explored.


What does this deed tell me?

  • the deed is dated 18-Feb-1833
  • the deed is recorded 6-Oct-183[4?]
  • Edward is still living in Lyman
  • Edward still refers to himself as a farmer
  • the deed covers the remaining 30 acres of Lot 66 “and the same land on which I now live”
  • Edward sells the land for $300 cash
  • Phineas Ash purchases the land
  • Edwards neighbors are Phineas Ash to the north, Joseph Lynde to the south, and Stephen C. Sherman to the east
  • the land is “free and clear”
  • Chloe Marden releases her “right of dower”

It appears Charlotte has passed away and Edward has inherited the land she received from Charles K. White. He sells it in this deed and makes no mention of how he acquired the title. Perhaps I should look for probate records for Charlotte Marden.

Now where is Edward going to live, since he has sold the only asset he has beyond his pension? Maybe he has another plan like the one when  sold the land to Charles White and then got it back a couple years later.

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