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Today I am sharing a most wonderful gift provided to Ne-Do-Ba by a secret admirer. This person contacted me after doing an internet search on the name U-ta-wa-un. He offered to provide me with a copy of a pair of photos from a larger collection of “Indian” photos and told me I could do with them as I pleased.
I was just blown away when the copies of the photos arrived in my e-mail box. I think my readers will enjoy them as much as I do. The second photo will appear in my next post.


U-ta-wa-un in Paris with the American Circus c1867 (front & back)

Key Data

  • U-ta-wa-un is working with the American Circus in Paris


Now it is official!

Document Close-up

U-ta-wa-un in Paris with the American Circus c1867 (front & back)

My Impressions

  • I would characterize his outfit loosely as Iroquois style.
  • The moccasins are definitely Northeast Woodland.
  • The headdress is – ah – interesting, but not from around here.
  • The spear is a prop and a very poor one at that.
  • The pose is — priceless !!!


A Review of Images

U-ta-wa-un in Paris with the American Circus c1867 (front & back)

From the collection of Ne-Do-Ba
Please honor our copyright and ask permission before using any of these images


I believe there is a original photo out there somewhere for each of the other two poses. Perhaps there is even more to be found.
Is this where he got his start in show business or was he already an experienced performer?
He has learned about the power of photographs as promotional materials. I have no doubt there will be more photos of him in America. Now, if only I can find them.
My next post will will be just as interesting as this one, so don’t miss it.


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Canyon Wolf 
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