1930 Allegany NY Census

I thought this might be the last census for a while. However, I recently found an obituary that provided some new data and will sending me searching for still more census records. With most genealogy research, finding one answer very often creates more questions.



1930 U.S. Census, Allegany, NY, pg. 11A


Key Data

U.S. Census, Allegany, Cattaraugus Co., NY, page 11A, dated 10-Apr-1930.

House # 54 West Main Street, dwelling #265, family # 267

  1. Lee O. Nette, head, owns her home valued at $9000, does not own a radio set, female, Indian, age 62, single, she can speak English and read & write, she and both parents born in NY, she is currently working as a Medical Physician.


Nothing new here, but it is interesting to see she is listed as “Indian” in this census. The value of her home is considerably more than most of those on this same census page.

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