Edward Marden Sr. – Summary of Findings

It is now time to move my research on to the next generation. However, before doing so, I will make two final posts for senior – this one to summarize by findings to date and a second to show where additional research could be focused.

Table of Data for Edward Marden, the Revolutionary War Ranger from New Hampshire

Born about 1751 verified by census, his own testimony in military records
On the upper Connecticut River prior to the war verified by military records, town records
A resident of Haverhill NH about 1784 verified by deeds
A resident of Concord NH (Lisbon) late 1700s verified by deeds, town records, census documents
A resident of Lyman NH the rest of his life verified by deeds, military records, census documents
Settled 100 acre lot #66 in Lyman, NH verified by deeds
A Minute Man at the beginning of the war not verified, probably a different man
A member of Whitcomb’s Ranger Company during the war verified by military records
A farmer verified by deeds, military records
A son, Edward Jr., born c1785 relationship suggested by “Jr” designation in census documents and deed between Jr & Sr – but not verified as father and son at this time, existence of son verified by military records, existence of son suggested by census records
Married Charlotte (b.c1780) between 1818 and 1820 name verified by deeds, date suggested by deeds, existence suggested by census document
Married Chloe Barnes (b.c1787)in Lyman May-1831 verified by testimony in military records
Had a Native American wife unverified at this time but possible
Died 16-Mar-1835 in Lyman verified by testimony in military records
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