Edward Marden Jr. – Review of Historical Documents

In this post I will examine what I have learned about Edward Junior in historical records and cover some miscellaneous items.

What Am I Reviewing?

  • Census records
  • Land Deeds from Grafton County

I have already examined the census records for Edward Jr. in an earlier post but here is a quick review.

What did I learn about Edward Jr. from census records?

  • He is found as “Edward Jr.” in Lyman as a head of household in 1810
  • The 1820 census is missing for Grafton Co. and I was unable to locate him in the 1850 Census
  • He is in Albany, Orleans Co., VT in the 1830, 1840, 1860, & 1870 Census
  • In the 1840 census he and his wife are age 50-60 and there is one female under age 5 in the household – this must be a grandchild or a census taker error since his own children are all grown
  • In 1860 the census taker records his birth place as Mass. but in 1870 it is New Hampshire
  • In 1870 he is a widower and appears to be living at the “Poor Farm”

What did I learn about Edward Jr. from Grafton Co., Deeds?

  • In April of 1820, Edward Sr. and his wife sell 60 of their 100 acres in Lyman, NH to Edward Jr., farmer
  • In January of 1821, Edward Jr., farmer of Lyman sells his 60 acres in Lyman to Phineas Ash. His wife Elizabeth releases her “right of dower”
  • In October of 1824, Edward Marden of Dalton, NH “in right of his wife” Eliza along with her 10 siblings quit claim rights to land in Bath NH of the late David Annis.

In summary

  • I have verified that Edward Jr. of Lyman, NH in 1810 was still there as late as 1821.
  • I have verified his wife was Elizabeth Annis, d/o David Annis.
  • I have good starting data for all the children of Edward and Elizabeth which was provided by their son. I have verified that Edward moved to Albany, VT by 1830 and probably remained there until near the time of his death in the 1870s. In 1850 he may have been away from Albany at the time the census taker visited. He may have moved to Lloyd, Wisconsin after 1870 and died there. He may have had a prior wife and 2 sons. He had a wife named Lydia in 1860.
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