Isaac J. Kanistanaux

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Isaac was born about 1837 in New York State. He is identified as “Indian” and as a “Doctor” in the 1880 Census. He appears to be Isaac J. Kindness, brother to Laton Kanistanaux and member of the Brothertown Tribe.


  • c1837 – in New York State (1880 US Census).
  • 1870 – resident of Rathbone, Steuben Co., NY as a 35 year old single white man in the household of his Indian brother, Laton (1870 US Census).
  • 1870 to 1874 – Dr. Isaac Kiness & Dr. Lee-o-netto are married (1874 local news).
  • 1874 –  Isaac & Dr. Lee buy land and build a house in Stockton (1874 local news)
  • fall 1874 – Isaac & Dr. Lee go to Canada on a visit (1874 local news)
  • 1880 – resident of Addison, Steuben Co., NY as a single man age 43 living in the household of widow Julie French with whom he has no stated relationship. His occupation is Doctor (1880 US Census).
  • 1875 to 1888 – Isaac & Dr. Lee-o-netto are divorced (she remarried).
  • 1889 – presumed to be the Dr. Kanistanaux of Keeneyville, PA practicing medicine in Lindley, NY
  • bef 1892 – presumed to be the Dr. Kanistanaux writing from Little Marsh, PA.
  • 1895 – presumed to be the Dr. Kanistanaux listed at East Chatham, PA in a professional directory.
  • 1899 – presumed to be the Dr. I.J. Kanistanaux listed as an Indian Doctor in the town directory for East Chatham, PA
  • 1900 – not found in the U.S. Census.
  • 1901 – presumed to the the Dr. Kanistanaux receiving public aid from Tioga County, PA.

Discussion & Notes

A letter written by Dr. Kanistanaux of East Chatham, PA in 1900 suggests that Kanistanaux is hisold Indian name” and that he was known by a different name before he started practicing medicine.
When Laton Kanistanaux filed his claims application in 1901, he listed an Isaac J. Kindness as his brother. At this time, I believe Isaac J. Kanistanaux is the same person as Isaac J. Kindness. The apparent marriage of Dr. I. J. Kiness to Leeonetto Kanistanaux before 1874 and the appearance of Isaac J. Kanistanaux in Laton’s 1870 household strengthens the evidence they are indeed the same man.

Sources & Documents

See the Kanistanaux Home Page for more.
See the Kanistanaux Map at Google.
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