Laton Review (1)

Today I will provide my first general review of the data collected for Thomas Laton Kindness aka Laton Kanistanaux. I need to assess what is known and what is missing for this family member. This will assist me in planning my next phase of research.


Thanks to the generosity of Caroline Andler, Retired Genealogist for the Brothertown Nation, I know a great deal about this man. I can confirm his birth date and location, his 1st marriage, and his son by the 1st marriage. I can also confirm that Laton Kanistanaux of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY is the exact same person as Thomas Laton Kinness or Kindness of the Brothertown Nation.

I have been able to locate Laton in census records continuously from 1875 to 1905 in Stockton, NY. I was unable to find him in the 1860 census, but he should be in Wisconsin where he married and had a son just prior to the census year and where he appears to be in late 1861 or early 1862 based on a Civil War enlistment record. It would be very helpful to locate him in the 1870 Census. This census would help me understand where he was living before his arrival in Stockton and narrow down the time frame for when he married Marleah.


I have already ruled out the possibility that Laton is the father of Carrie and Henry, since he was with his 1st family in Wisconsin when they were born. The chart above also demonstrates he could not be the father of the elder Dr. Lee-o-netto since he was about 13 when she was born. It is possible, but not likely he is the father of the younger Lee-o-netto. He could be the father of William. However, the 1909 news clipping suggests he was a grandfather to William. I need to keep in mind that a grandfather need not be related by blood to their grandchildren when multiply marriages are involved.


Williams’s responses to the birth place of his father does not assist with the problem, since he is inconsistent in his answers. On the other hand and to confuse matters, Lee-o-netto’s (younger) responses do allow for Laton to be her father.

I didn’t make a chart for Laton’s race as reported in Census so I will summarize it in text here. He is identified as white in 1900 & 1905, and with no entry for race in the 1910 Census. I have proof he is not mixed blood, yet he is listed as Mulatto (1880) and colored (1892). This only demonstrates how inaccurate and haphazardly the race question is applied to individuals by census takers of the past. I might question his race if I relied on census records alone.

The 1900 Census suggests he owned his property. A 1909 news clipping announcing his trip to Colorado suggests he intended to return to Stockton at some time in the future. This suggests he may not have sold his property before traveling to Colorado. There may be probate records showing the legal disposition of his land after his death. These documents (if they exist) may shed light on who his legal heirs were.

Land records should be researched. Knowing the date he purchased his land will help to establish how early he arrived in Stockton and may provide clues as to where he was prior to settling in Stockton. If he sold his land before going to Colorado, he may have sold it to one of the children. The land sale may provide some clues about his relationship to the younger generation of Kanistanaux.

Online message boards and Find-a-Grave suggest Laton died in Evergreen, Colorado in 1910. I don’t expect to learn much of value by locating his death record, but it would be interesting to know what name his death certificate is under. I have assigned this a low priority and will not spend money to retrieve the record as this point. I will continue to watch for the record in online databases.

Top Priority To-Do List

Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY

  • Marriage record for Marleah and Laton, estimate 1865-1875

Chautauqua Co., NY

  • Land records
  • Probate records

Unknown Locations

  • Additional census
  • Marriage record for Marleah and Laton, estimate 1865-1875

Future To-Do List

Evergreen, Jefferson Co., CO

  • Death record for Laton Kanistanaux or Thomas Laton Kindness c1910

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2 thoughts on “Laton Review (1)

  1. Randall Blood

    Hi Nancy,

    I found a death notice in the Fredonia Censor, Sept 21, 1910, for Dr. Laton Kanistanaux. He died Sept 2nd in Evergreen, CO. It says that he was survived by Isaac, his son. And that William was his grandson by marriage.

    It states that he and his late wife were both Indian doctors and that he traveled quite extensively with a Dr Livingstone.

    He apparently came to NY in a traveling Indian show.

    Hope this is helpful.

  2. Oh how wonderful – I have been searching for his death notice. Also have been trying to find Marleah's death notice. Have already found the death notice for Henry (Isaac) and Carrie. Would you please share a scan (or web address) of the actual notice in the paper. I would be most appreciative.

    you can contact me directly

    nancy at nedoba dot org

    Thank you so very much for finding this document.

    Now, I am off to research this Dr. Livingstone ;)

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