William & Laton go to Colorado

I realized I had not finished tracking William Kanistanaux in Census records. William is the youngest (presumed) child of Laton & Marleah Kanistanaux. I question his relationship with his parents, so I don’t want to neglect investigating him. Today I am posting the results of tying up this loose end.



1910 Census, Evergreen, Colorado, Pg. ?


Key Data

1910 US Census, Evergreen, Jefferson Co., Colorado, Pg. ? (12 of 14 pages at Ancestry.com), dated 12-May-1910

  1. Wm. H Kanistanaux, head, m, white, 36, 2nd marriage, he & father b. NY, mother b. Canada, English, RFD Carrier, working, can read & write, renting a house.
  2. Plooma A., wife, female, white, 27, 1st marriage, married 6 years, given birth to 3 children, 2 still living, b. Co, father b. Eng, mother b. Kansas, English, can read & write.
  3. Raymond H., son, male, no color, 4, b. Colorado.
  4. Marleah H., dau. female, no color, 2, b. Colorado.
  5. Laton, father, male, no color, 77, he & both parents b. NY, English, no occupation, can read & write.


Oh my, it seems William moved to Evergreen, Colorado and started a new family. Look, there is Laton too.

It appears William divorced his first wife sometime between the 1900 Census and about 1904 when he married a woman born in Colorado. William probably left New York shortly after his divorce and the 2nd marriage most likely took place in Colorado about 1904.

The above census record fits very nicely with a little news clipping I recently discovered.

The Fredonia Censor, 20-Oct-1909, pg. 8.

Dr. Laton Kanistanaux left Wednesday morning, for Evergreen, Colo., for an extended stay with his grandson, William Kanistanaux.

These two records created less than a year apart show a relationship between William and Laton. However, the stated relationship conflicts. In October of 1909 the good folks of Stockton are told in a news clip that Laton has left to visit “his grandson, William Kanistanaux”. A few months and a few states later, a census taker records Laton as the father of the head of the household, which is William. This is evidence I was correct to question the relationship between William and his parents as suggested by the 1875 NYS Census. But it also shows that William sees Laton as his father.

I find it interesting that Laton is referred to in this 1909 news clip as “Dr.”, but the only year his occupation is listed as Physician is the 1875 NYS Census. In other census he is referred to as a farmer. While visiting in Colorado, his occupation is not listed.

Unsourced information found on Find-A-Grave suggests Laton died in Evergreen, Colorado in the year 1910. The news clip suggests Laton was only visiting with William and intended to return to Stockton eventually. This in turn suggests he probably did not sell his real estate before traveling to Colorado. Perhaps he left Lewis (who is still in Stockton in the 1910 Census), as caretaker of the property while he was away.

If Laton still had property in New York, there should be a probate record in Chautauqua County for the dispensation of his property. He may also have left a will. A will and/or a probate record just might go a long way toward sorting out the various misfit pieces of the family puzzle.

William is in Hebron, Jackson Co., Colorado for the 1920 Census. There are two items of interest in this census. His occupation is listed as “Stationary Beams Engineer” at a coal mine. That’s quite a title and certainly makes me curious how he went from a Rural Route Mail Carrier to this occupation.

The other item is the birth places given for his parents. The census taker records William as born in Michigan. I have not yet encountered this state during my exploration of the family. This is worth making a note of since William may not be the child of Laton & Marleah. William’s father is listed as born in Canada and speaking English while his mother is born in France and French was her “mother tongue”. This does not fit with what I know about Laton & Marleah.

William is in South Ashley, Uintah Co., Utah as a farmer in the 1930 Census. He has additional children, with 8 year old Milton born in Utah and 11 year old Ruth born in Colorado. This suggests he moved to Utah between 1920 and 1922. The census taker records that William and both parents are born in Michigan. Perhaps another clue or maybe he is just determined to throw me off his track.

Another item of interest is the names of his children. The 2nd daughter by his first wife is named Leonette. The first daughter is Ethel. This could be an important clue. I need to learn more about his first wife, Maude. If her mother’s name is Ethel, then this may suggest a naming pattern that would in turn suggest his true mother’s name is Leonette. In any case, this clearly demonstrates a connection between one of the Dr. Lee ladies and William. But which one?

By his second wife, William named his first daughter Marleah. Again, a demonstration that William views Marleah as someone he admires, regardless of the likelihood she is not his true birth mother.

This little exercise shows the importance of researching every member of the family. You just never know what tiny bit of information will bust down a brick wall or bust up a comfortable family myth.

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