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One Lee-o-netto or Two?

Time for a quick review of the Lee-o-netto situation. I am ready to show how this question has resolved itself by locating additional data concerning family members.

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William & Laton go to Colorado

I realized I had not finished tracking William Kanistanaux in Census records. William is the youngest (presumed) child of Laton & Marleah Kanistanaux. I question his relationship with his parents, so I don’t want to neglect investigating him. Today I am posting the results of tying up this loose end.

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One Marleah or Two?

I have confirmed that U-ta-wa-un is not the same person as Layton Kanistanaux, but what about Marleah, who was traveling with U-ta-wa-un in 1870? Is she Marleah Kanistanaux?
The jury is still out on this question. Today I will outline what I have discovered to date and how I interpret the material. I encourage my readers to comment.

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1900 Census for Pomfret, NY

Here is a census record I missed the first time I searched. This is the older of the two Dr. Lee-O-Netto ladies. It is always worth taking the time to recheck sources and experiment with search engines.

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1910 Pomfret NY Census

Well, I guess I am not finished with the census just yet. I found Isaac once again in Pomfret and I finally discovered census records for a Dr. Lee-o-Netto which I will present in the next couple of posts.

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1905 NYS Census for Pomfret, NY

I have one last census record for the Kanistanaux family to post at this time. This is the last one that was easy to locate. I still have other family members with missing census records and have located nothing prior to 1875.

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Edward Marden Sr. – Pension Records (part 4)

I have gone through the pension file and provided my readers with the important key information. If you are a descendant, I encourage you to get the entire pension file for your own records, because I am not covering everything of interest to you in this blog.

There are two other documents of interest in the file I have note yet explored. These documents are letters from a descendant, Charles S. Marden, to the Commissioner of Pensions. This same Charles Marden also has a letter published in the Annis Genealogy so I intend to cover this man and his letters together in a later post.

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