Dr. Lee-o-netto – a cemetery visit

Just a quick post today. A Find-a-Grave volunteer has assisted us by providing photos of Nettie’s monument. And when I use the term monument here, I’m really not kidding!



Photo courtesy of Find-A-Grave Volunteer, Diana Huber used with permission

Key Data

  • A valued loved one from us departed. Her smile, like sunshine, filled the soul with courage. Her life an ideal – her memory an inspiration. Heaven to her is but a crown of victory.

Photo courtesy of Find-A-Grave Volunteer, Diana Huber used with permission


First impression — W-O-W !
Second impression — oh, I bet she is fit to be tied and rolling over in her grave!!!
She spelled her professional name

Dr. Lee-O-Nett-o

Only two dashes not three!
In the professional newspaper advertising found to date, I have never seen it spelled with a dash before the final O.
No question the stone work is beautiful and must have cost her a fortune. I say they cost her because I don’t see her nephew picking these out for her after her death. I am sure she picked these out for herself. I am also sure she provided the stone cutter with the proper spelling for her name.
Diana tells us she noticed a hole in the top of the vase suggesting there was something sticking out of the top. Such a shame we don’t have any idea what it might have been.
I am not sure just how large these stones are, but they are clearly much larger than the typical stones seen in the background.
A great big thank you to Diana for providing the photos and for granting us permission to you them here on the blog. I will add a great big reminder to all my readers – always get permission from the photographer before using images found on the internet.

[added 17-Dec-2012]
Diana Huber, the nice lady that took the photos also provided dimensions for the two monuments. She describes them as
base of the headstone measures 3 ft across the face, is 1′ 7″ front to
back and stands 8″ high. The headstone itself is 5′ 11.5″ tall and is
10.5″ front to back (I forgot to measure the width of the headstone at
the base). The footstone base measures 1′ 8″ square and is 7″ high; the
upside down urn is 2′ 1″ high. The bottom of the urn has a hole in the
middle (probably from the rod that secured it to the base) and you can
see the surface is uneven from when it was broken from the base.

In addition to the above, a relative has since visited and added
urn looks like it had something on top. The top is flat and has a hole
in the center about 1 inch in diameter. The top is not polished like the


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