Thomas Laton Kindness aka Kanistanaux

This post contains all the information I have collected to date for the man known as Thomas Laton Kindness, aka Laton Kanistanaux. I will update the page as new information is gathered, so bookmark this page and check back often.

Last updated on 7-Aug-2012

Laton Kanistanaux was born Thomas Laton Kindness, son of James Jay Kindness and Hannah Dick, members of the Brothertown Tribe. He is identified as “Indian” in several census records.


  • 14-Aug-1833 – born at Brothertown, Oneida Co, New York (1875, 1892, 1905 NYS Census & 1880, 1900, 1910 US Census, Laton’s 1901 Application, Brothertown Genealogy, Horton Family Bible).
  • 2-Apr-1857 – married Almira Jeanette Sampson in Manchester, WI (FamilySearch Wisconsin Marriages 1836-1930, Brothertown Genealogy, Purcell’s 1901 Application)
  • c1857 – a presumed daughter named Carrie is born in Canada (1875 NYS Census).
  • 25-Jan-1858 – a son named Purcell was born in Wisconsin (Brothertown Genealogy,  Purcell’s 1901 Application).
  • c1859 – a presumed son named Henry J. is born in Canada(1875 NYS Census).
  • c1861 – enlisted in the 14th Wisconsin Infantry, but does not appear to have mustered in (Brothertown Genealogy, and Military Records).
  • c1861-1875 – married Mary (Marleah) Moulton (Laton’s 1901 Application).
  • c1869 – a presumed daughter, who used the name Lee-o-netto, is born in New York State (1920/1930 US Census, sibling obituaries).
  • 1870 – resident of Rathbone, Steuben Co., NY as a 37 year old Indian Physician born in New York and having $500 worth of personal property  (1870 US Census).
  • c1873 – a presumed son named William is born in Canada (1875 NYS Census).
  • 5-Nov-1874 – purchased half a cemetery lot in Evergreen Cemetery, Stockton, NY at the same time Eli Moulton purchased the other half of the same lot (cemetery card).
  • 1875 – resident of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY as the head of a household. His occupation is “Physician”. He owns the land and lives in a single family framed house valued at $600 (1875 NYS Census).
  • 1880 – resident of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY as the head of household. He is 46 years old (born c1834) with an occupation of farmer. He and both parents are born in New York State. In this census year he is identified as “Mulatto” along with the children in the household, while his wife is identified as “Indian” (1880 US Census).
  • 1892 – resident of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY as the head of household. He is age 57, referred to as “colored” rather than “Indian” and a farmer (not a doctor!) (1892 NYS Census).
  • Jul-1900 – resident of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY as the head of household. He is age 66, white, married 45 years. He can read and write and speaks English. He is working as a day laborer. He owns his house and has no mortgage (1900 US Census).
  • 15-Nov-1901 – resident of Stockton, files his “NY Indian Claims” paperwork (1901 Application)
  • Jun-1905 – resident of Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY as the head of household. He is age 75, white, and a farmer (1905 NYS Census).
  • 13-Oct-1909 – left Stockton to visit his “grandson”, William who was living in Evergreen, Colorado (newspaper – Fredonia Censor, 20-Oct-1909, pg. 8.).
  • May-1910 – in Evergreen, Jefferson Co., CO in the household of William Kanistanaux. He is listed as “father”, age 77, with no race or occupation given (1910 US Census).
  • 2-Sep-1910 – died at the home of his grandson, William Kanistanaux in Evergreen, Jefferson Co., NY (Death Notice, Horton Family Bible)

Discussion & Notes

His age of 48 found in the 1875 census must have been in error. All other census consistently show his birth at about 1833.
I am very thankful to Caroline Andler for providing the documentation needed to confirm the true identity of this man. He was born Thomas Laton Kindness, a member of the Brothertown Tribe of New York and later of the Brothertown tribe of Wisconsin. His parents were born in Connecticut of Pequot and Narragansett origins.
There is a record of Laton enlisting in the 14th Wisconsin during the Civil War, but I have been unable to find any additional information, including an actual enlistment date. The Regiment mustered in on 30-Jan-1862. Enlistments probably started in December of 1861, so that is the earliest Laton could have enlisted in the regiment. Of course he could have enlisted at any time after that. There is no evidence he ever mustered in or served at any time during the war. It is possible he had a medical condition that prevented him from serving.
The fact that Laton had a wife and child in Wisconsin and appears to have been in Wisconsin at least as late as 1861, precludes him from being the father of Carrie & Henry Kanistanaux born in Canada. Until more is discovered, I can not say if he is or is not the father of Lee-o-netto and William Kanistanaux.

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