Edward Marden Jr. – What Next?

I have used up my available online resources for Edward Senior and Junior. Today I will provide descendants with a list of suggestions for further research. If I receive any donations from this blogs, I will use the money to further my research using the following guide.

Edward Marden Junior

  • Since Edward spent most of his adult life in Albany, Orleans Co., VT and his children probably grew to adulthood here, all available resources should be searched for all references to the surname Marden and Mardin in the time period 1820 to 1880. Specifically
    • Town pauper records should be located for the 1860s and 1870s.
    • Area death and cemetery records searched for Edward, Elizabeth, and Lydia.
    • Area marriage records searched for Edward’s children
    • Area museums searched for local baskets and basket making tools (e-mail inquiry in process)
    • Local histories searched for mention of basket makers in the area
  • Coos Co., NH and Orleans Co., VT should be searched for land transactions for any family member. Orleans Co. probate should be checked for Edward Marden, Elizabeth (Annis) Marden, and Lydia (Johnson) (Edson) Marden.
  • Correspondence in the Annis Genealogy indicated Edward died c.1874 in Lloyd, Richland Co., Wisconsin, a search of death records and newspapers for obituaries should be done. (in process at this time)

Resources Available on LDS Microfilm or in their Library

Albany, Orleans Co., VT

  • Albany Town Clerk – Land records, (Albany, Vermont); index to land records, 1806-1912 FHL US/CAN Film 889266 Item 1 (they also have the land records if I discover something of interest in the index.)
  • Albany Town Clerk – Index to births and deaths, 1796-2000, FHL US/CAN Film 2231626 Item 1 (perhaps the death of Elizabeth Marden will be here and Edward if he died in Vermont)
  • Albany Town Clerk – Index to marriages, 1800-1905; Index to births and deaths, 1800-1948; Births, marriages and deaths, 1800-1874. Vol. 1800-1866; (no vol.2); vol. 3, 1867-1874; no vol. 4. FHL US/CAN Film 27762 (perhaps the death of Elizabeth Marden will be here and Edward if he died in Vermont)
  • Albany Town Clerk – Town proceedings, 1806-1877, FHL US/CAN Film 889270 Items 1-3 (this should include pauper records)
  • History and families of Albany, Vt. 1800-1949, Delia Darling Honey, 1950, FHL US/CAN Film 27767 Item 1
  • History of Albany, Vermont, 1806-1991, Virginia Wharton, 1992 (listed in NEHGS library holdings, but they do not show Marden as an included family name – still worth checking for basket maker info)
  • Church records – I don’t know anything about Edward’s religion but there are Baptist and Methodist records available for the correct time period which should be checked at some point.

Craftsbury, Orleans Co., VT

  • Craftsbury Town Clerk – Deeds, v. 5-7, 1837-1852, FHL US/CAN Film 28024 & Deeds, v. 8-11 (p. 1-365, cont.), 1852-1867, Vault US/CAN Film 1783664 (Edward was a resident at tiem of marriage to Lydia, so perhaps a land owner).
  • Craftsbury Town Clerk – Birth and death index, 1781-1938; Marriage index, 1796-1933; Book 2, Register of marriages, 1857-Feb. 1868; births, 1857-1867; and deaths, 1857-1867 (includes 2 loose marriage certificates for1869 at the end of the book); Book 1, Town book (original), Records of births, marriages, & deaths, accounts, earmarks, etc. (early entries arranged by families), 1781-1868, 1903, FHL US/CAN Film 28021 (Lydia (Johnson) Edson perhaps born here, married Edward here)

Lowell, Orleans Co., VT

  • Lowell Town Clerk – Birth index to v. 1-17, 1857-2000?; Marriage index to v. 1-4, 1857-1904; Death index to v. 1-15, 1857-Sept. 2000, FHL US/CAN Film 2210167 Item 1 (Lydia died here)

Orleans County, VT

  • Orleans County Clerk – Land records, v. 3-4 1808-1849, FHL US/CAN Film 28605 (for Edward, Lydia, and all the children)
  • Probate Court (Orleans District) – Card index, ca. 1780-1970, A to J     FHL US/CAN Film 1913889 (for Lydia Edson) & Card index, ca. 1780-1970, K to Z, FHL US/CAN Film 1913890 (for Edward, Lydia, and perhaps Elizabeth)

Coos County, NH

  • Coos County Register of Deeds – Grantor and grantee indexes A-Z 1772-1860, FHL US/CAN Film 15745

Dalton, Coos Co., NH

  • Dalton Town Clerk – Town records, FHL US/CAN Film 15111 (perhaps younger children born here, tax lists, etc.)

Lyman, Grafton Co., NH

  • Lyman Town Clerk – Town records (ear markings, tax and inventory lists, miscellaneous records, includes b, m, d 1770s-1850s), FHL US/CAN Film 15212 (search completely for all reference to Marden surname)
  • Lyman Town Clerk – Town records, 1805-1852, FHL US/CAN Film 2257489 Items 1 – 2 (search for references to Edward Jr & Sr)

Lisbon (Concord), Grafton Co., NH

  • Lisbon Town Clerk – Town records, v. 1, Proprietor’s records 1788-1835; Charter, vital statistics, 1790-1858; Cattle marking, town records, tax lists 1818-1825, vital statistics (b, m, d 1780 – 1869), FHL US/CAN Film 15203 Item 1 – Search for Edward Sr. in tax lists etc., m. of Sr., b. of Jr)

Haverhill, Grafton Co., NH

  • Haverhill Town Clerk – Town records vol. 1 1763-1810 vol. 2 1772-1803, FHL US/CAN Film 15164 & vol. 3 1785-1838 FHL US/CAN Film 15165 (search for m. of Sr. and birth of Jr.)
  • Haverhill Town Clerk – Town records, 1768-1807 — NOTE: With some marriages, births and deaths, FHL US/CAN Film 2257487 Item 1 & Town records, 1783-1861 — NOTE: With some marriages, births and deaths, FHL US/CAN Film 2257487 Items 2 – 3

One final note. The Lunenburg, VT Town Records were checked for the name Marden or Mardin by a friend of mine just recently. No birth record for Chapin Kidder Marden was located.

That about wraps it up.

Anyone care to make a donation so I can continue the search?

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