Been a Long Time

It has been a very long time since I have written anything and today it is bitter sweet news I have to share. It is time for me to retire and put this organization to bed and the timing for this has recently been accelerated.

Due to an unforeseen problem our domain name has been lost to a foreign bad actor. The Ne-Do-Ba website no longer exists online. I apologize to anyone looking for Ne-Do-Ba and ending up who-knows-where, but I just don’t have the energy or financing to do anything about it.

Our website has been online since May of 1997 and it is sad for me to think about it being gone. However, many of the reasons for the existence of this organization are no longer valid and this is a very good thing. In 1997 it was very hard to find factual historical, cultural, and genealogical information concerning the Wabanaki. So, Ne-Do-Ba began collecting and sharing through our website and outreach programs. Today most records are online for anyone to access. In the past few years I have seen a number of outstanding Wabanaki programs and presentations. Online resources for teachers abound. Museums are rebuilding their Wabanaki offerings. Wabanaki conservation methods are being taken seriously. The Wabanaki are being sought out and asked for their assistance with all of this. And the very best part in my opinion is that the Wabanaki Peoples of N’Dakina have finally been allowed a public voice and they are proving to be very capable of telling their own story. After all, it is their story and it is about time we let them tell it!

And so nedobak, I retire with the knowledge I am no longer needed – and that is a good thing!

For the die-hard friends of Ne-Do-Ba, I offer these options.

  • Many pages of our website can be found on the wayback machine
  • I am attempting to move important content to a new home at Permanent.org
  • https://www.permanent.org/p/archive/05u9-0000
  • I have the website stored on a thumb-drive and can share pages if you are looking for something specific.
  • contact < MaineRoots at outlook dot com >
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