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Indians in Paris – Index

This post contains all the links to the various posts I have written concerning Native American People participating in the 1867 Universal Exposition held in Paris, France.

Readers of this series might also be interested in learning more about U-ta-wa-un and the two Native American women known to have traveled with him.

Marleah Kanistanaux (I believe she played the part of We-no-na)

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Indians in Paris (part 4)

Well, my vacation has lasted long enough. It is time to get back to business. Since I am waiting on the arrival of deeds from Chautauqua County, New York, I decided to finish up my Indians in Paris mini-series.
It has been many months since I last wrote on this subject so readers may want to review the earlier articles.


I have already shown my old friend U-ta-wa-un and his female companion are involved in the 1867 Paris Universal Exposition. Today I will cover the information I found involving their travel to Europe.
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Indians in Paris (part 3)

Today’s post is the next in a short series providing background for the American Indian presence at the Paris Expo of 1867.
Today I will cover what the New York Times claimed was being done to outfit a Native American exhibit as requested by the Commissioner in Paris.

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U-ta-wa-un and Wa-no-na in Paris

I am so excited to share the following image with my readers.
I have located and acquired images of U-ta-wa-un and his “wife” while exhibiting at the Paris Universal Exposition in 1867. The image originally appeared in an 1867 French newspaper.
Ne-Do-Ba acquired the image through Le Hinchet Books & Prints of France. I would like to thank them for their very prompt service and for making this historically important print available.
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Indians in Paris?

I recently found a single sentence in a book (written in French) which could be of great interest to the Kanistanaux project. The topic is, of all things, the 1867 Universal Exposition in Paris, France.
Guess who was there? Yep, it’s him Winking smile  He’s baaaack —

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