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Kanistanaux, Moulton, & Metallic

Today’s post is an introduction to my current research project. I am attempting to determine if two women, Marleah Kanistanaux (wife of Thomas Layton Kindness/Kanistanaux) & Dr. Lee-O-Netto (several spellings), known in the Stockton area of New York State could be the granddaughters of an Abenaki man known as Metallic (many different spellings!) who inhabited the Rangeley/Umbagog region of Maine and the Coos Region of New Hampshire in the late 18th and early 19th Century. The connection appears to be through Eli & Kate Moulton of Sherbrooke, Quebec. There may also be a connection with the surnames Neff and Yokum in Welland Co., Ontario. My mission is to document, if possible, the apparent connection of the two suspected granddaughters to Metallic and determine how various other individuals fit into this genealogical jigsaw puzzle.

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