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Lee-O-Netto’s Housekeepers – Part 2

My post today will cover Gertrude Fowler, who cared for Lee-o-netto in the last few years of her life. She received Lee-o-netto’s property in Allegany for $1 just weeks before Lee-o-netto’s death.

This suggests a number of possibilities such as

  • Lee-o-netto was extremely fond of Gertrude Fowler
  • Lee-o-netto owed Gertrude a great debt of some kind
  • Gertrude took advantage of the elderly Lee-o-netto
  • Gertrude was related

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Carrie & Fred Horton update

Sorry for the long delay since my last post. Well, that’s not exactly true. Spring has arrived in Maine and it has been wonderful weather. Much too nice to sit in front of a computer!

Anyway, I am back hard at work tracking down leads. Today I begin posting a few stray bits and pieces of the Kanistanaux story while waiting for town records and before moving back a generation to see what turns up for the Moulton family.

Our friend, Randy Blood, found Carrie and Fred Horton in the missing 1905 and 1920 census years. The census does provide another residence location for them, but not much else. It is always nice to have a complete accounting in census. You never know what question might answered in the future.

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Edward Marden Jr. – Review of Published Genealogies (Part 2)

Today I am going to analyze the Marden family correspondence found in the Annis Genealogy published in 1909. I don’t want to assume all the data is factual just because it comes from within the family. It is an important step in understanding what I know and what I still need to verify.

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Edward Marden Sr. – Summary of His Wives

I set out to determine if Edward Marden had a Native American wife. This will be a good time to review exactly what I have learned about his wives.

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