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Lee-O-Netto’s Housekeepers – Part 2

My post today will cover Gertrude Fowler, who cared for Lee-o-netto in the last few years of her life. She received Lee-o-netto’s property in Allegany for $1 just weeks before Lee-o-netto’s death.

This suggests a number of possibilities such as

  • Lee-o-netto was extremely fond of Gertrude Fowler
  • Lee-o-netto owed Gertrude a great debt of some kind
  • Gertrude took advantage of the elderly Lee-o-netto
  • Gertrude was related

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Lewis Kindness – A Soldier’s Story

Reading Civil War pension files is a quirk I have. Over the years I have collected quite a number of them. Most are for Native Americans. The story these files tell about the men (or the widow they left behind) who were willing to sacrifice it all for their country are all too frequently extremely sad. The pension file for Lewis Kindness is no exception.

His pension file does not provide any information of use to my Kanistanaux project. However, I have a soft spot for soldier’s stories (a disclaimer in case you haven’t figured it out yet)  and I have a blog. So, dear readers, I have the privilege of telling this soldier’s story.

I want to thank Caroline K. Andler of the Brothertown Nation for sharing Lewis’ Pension file with me. I also want to thank her and Andrea R. Brucker for the wonderful work they did in producing a book titled Letters Home From The Brothertown “Boys”.

Caroline gifted me with a copy last month. It is a most wonderful book which I highly recommend to anyone interested in Civil War history. They did an absolutely wonderful job of transcribing dozens and dozens of letters written by Brothertown men. They have also compiled biographies of the companies the men served in and for many of the individuals. A nice finishing touch is the inclusion of some wonderful photos of the “boys”.

K’chi Wliwni Nidobak –  Great Thanks My Friends

P.S. If you click on the book title, you will be taken to where you can purchase a copy and Ne-Do-Ba will receive a small percentage of the profit as an Amazon Affiliate.

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The Kindness Connection – part 2

In 1898, a number of Indian tribes from New York joined together for the purpose of suing the U.S. Government. The suit involved a broken treaty (imagine that ;) ). Not only did they win the right to sue, they actually won the case and where awarded a sum of money as compensation. The money was to be distributed amongst the members of the tribes (including the Brothertown Tribe).

In order to properly distribute the money, the government requested individuals fill out applications to prove they had a right to settlement distributions. These applications are an incredible source of genealogical information. Thanks to the kind generosity of Caroline Andler of the Brothertown Indian Nation, I have a copy of the Application filed by Thomas Laton Kindness as well as one for his son, Purcell.

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The Kindness Connection – Part 1

While surfing the web for mentions of Kanistanaux, I came across a number of message board postings suggesting Layton Kanistanaux was born Thomas Layton Kindness, a member of the Brothertown community of New York and Wisconsin.

Today I will discuss what I learned about the connection between the Kanistanaux family and the Kindness family.

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Kanistanaux at Find-A-Grave

Today’s post will explore additional Memorial pages found at Find-A-Grave which relate to the Kanistanaux family.

[edited 10-Dec-2011]

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