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Lee-O-Netto’s Housekeepers – Part 1

First I would like to apologize to my readers for my long absence.  It seems life and responsibility keep getting in the way of my research. I do have records to share, but recently have not been able to set aside the blocks of time needed for the background research and post writing. I am not giving up the blog, but it looks like this situation will continue until after the holidays. Posting will be erratic for a while longer so please, bear with me.

Today I am exploring Mrs. C. B. Mosman who filed a claim against Lee-o-netto’s estate stating she provided “work, labor, and services” to Dr. Lee for 26 years without pay. I need to investigate this woman and her family on the off chance someone is related to Lee-o-netto in some way.

Good research requires numerous side trips to explore all the people connected to our research subjects. I recently noticed some genealogy folks referring to this research technique as “cluster genealogy”. Now it has a fancy name, but I just think of it as common sense research. When you are looking for something – look everywhere it could possibly be!

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Lee-o-netto’s Estate Records

Today I will go over various items of interest found in the estate record of Lee-o-netto. The estate was administered by Leon Horton, son of Caroline A. (Kanistanaux) Horton.

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